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Too habit & Very inspiringThe Thai fruit is based on Thai fruit.

Tguoyin: Create Asia's first - class 100% juice pulp, based on Thailand's original mango, apple and banana. Tailizhi: Set up a new brand of the world's wood water, based on Thailand's lychee and China's baishan black water. Taiguoyin website: Tailizhi website:

Too habit & Very inspiring

Too habit

Thailand is hot, not the same spicy.

The demand analysis of spicy food products + our professional idea + national support = the birth of the perfect brand!

Keeping up with the technological frontierTechnology

Keeping up with the technological frontier, keeping innovation strength
Custom development, your clients and teams.

New brand new retail chain.

Too habit Join the chain

Too habit Create a brand new model of Asian spicy brand. he new brand The new retail The new chain

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  • 98%Design time through the acceptance
  • 95%Customer renewal rate of more than
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